Movie geared towards feminism: Showgirls

Courtesy of IMDb

Courtesy of IMDb

The movie Showgirls is about a woman who uses her smarts to move up from being a stripper to a showgirl. Although this occupation is not desired by most women, the main character, Nomi, wants to make it big in Las Vegas and make a name for herself. The film shows the stereotypes of women working in the sex industry, such as being too sexual and not worth respect. However, Nomi shows how women can use their smarts to get what they want and be successful. The movie was not received well by critics, but it was an inside look at how the sex industry works. Moreover, Showgirls demonstrates how women can be powerful and not need men. This movie shows that some men may believe they are more powerful than women, but are not. Also, the deeper message of men and women can be treated equally and follow their own dreams is shown.


Watch the movie trailer for Showgirls here:


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