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Movie geared towards feminism: Prometheus

The debate about women and their reproductive rights has been seen in several films. However, a movie that some people may not tie in to a woman’s reproductive rights is Prometheus. The movie covers many types of issues, including religion and evolution. Specifically, a woman is used to give birth to a “baby” or alien. […]

How women are viewed in movies

Many women have been stereotyped by society throughout history. They are viewed as too sexy, too timid or too bossy. Oftentimes, people, such as Native Americans, grow up in smaller communities thinking that women should be viewed in a certain, negative way. The movie industry is also a strong influence in the way people view […]

Movie geared towards feminism: Brave

Guns, knives, swords and a bow and arrow are just a few weapons of choice for female movie characters. When women use weapons, they are sometimes viewed as being dangerous, instead of brave or helpful. The movie Brave is about a young girl who enjoys riding her horse and shooting with her bow and arrows. […]

Movie geared towards feminism: Showgirls

The movie Showgirls is about a woman who uses her smarts to move up from being a stripper to a showgirl. Although this occupation is not desired by most women, the main character, Nomi, wants to make it big in Las Vegas and make a name for herself. The film shows the stereotypes of women […]

Movie geared toward feminism: WALL-E

Women in many countries play a role in environmental causes. Although some women are used as only sex objects or cheap labor by companies, most women around the world are making an impact in a positive way. As from the previous post about Diane MacEachern, there are women out there using their minds to create programs […]

Movie geared towards feminism: She’s Gotta Have It

Many women are judged for being too sexual or sometimes not sexual enough. It’s a never ending cycle of criticism that can affect the way a woman feels about her self-esteem and body. However, in the film She’s Gotta Have It, directed by Spike Lee, the main character embraces her sexuality. The character, Nola Darling, […]

Women as sex objects

Many women have steady careers in the medical and business fields. However, some women end up working in the sex industry as porn stars and strippers. Although many people may believe women decide to be in porn or strip for fun, it is usually due to financial reasons. Many of those women deal with men treating them […]