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Native Americans protest to stop more rape from happening

Native American women have dealt with violence and rape for a long time. Most of them have no one to reach out to since¬†rape is accepted in their smaller communities. However, an article from Buzzfeed titled, “Native American Activists Argue Feds Building Keystone Will Lead To Rape” written by Evan McMorris-Santoro, talks about how male […]

Colorado lawmakers fight for women’s reproductive rights

The debate about women’s reproductive rights has been going on for an extremely long time. The main debate is whether or not a woman should have the choice to have an abortion. Colorado lawmakers recently held a hearing about a piece of legislation, called the “Reproductive Freedom Act,” that would protect a woman’s right to […]

Some of the most powerful women

The power pyramid used to show white males occupying the top, while the bottom was mostly made up of people of color and women. However, the times have changed immensely and more women are rising to the top of the pyramid. Most of this power comes from more women being encouraged to believe in themselves […]

Stereotypes on powerful women

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the power pyramid used to have men towards the top, while women, especially of color, were towards the bottom. However, more women are moving towards the top. But the judgement and stereotypes women face still remain. In the Forbes¬†article, “The 10 Worst Stereotypes About Powerful Women,” the writer, […]